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What is Personal Accident Insurance?

This Personal Accident Insurance is a Death and Capital benefits policy, which pays compensation when an ‘insured event’ results from a sudden, unexpected, unusual, specific event which occurs at an identifiable time and place, but shall also include exposure resulting from a mishap to a conveyance in which the assured is travelling. 

Essentially, this Personal Accident cover, is an amount of compensation payable in the event of death or defined bodily injury caused by something which is not already pre-existing or a long-term illness, for example a sudden heart attack or car crash.

When requesting a Personal Accident Insurance quote, please select the limit required, as a benefit in the event of the insured person suffering accidental bodily injury or related medical expenses.
Personal Accident cover has no excess.

For more information on our Personal Accident Insurance policy, please click here to review the Policy Wording.

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Please be aware that Personal Accident Insurance can only be purchased in conjunction with Professional Indemnity Insurance.