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What is Directors' and Officers' Insurance?

Directors and Officers have a duty of care to run the company in a “fit and proper” manner. It is the allegation that they have failed to do so, that we are insuring under the Directors’ & Officers’ Insurance policy.  

Directors and Officers, with their management responsibilities, have an unlimited personal liability for their actions or inactions and are not protected by the limited status of the company.

Claims can also be brought by clients, consumers, competitors, suppliers and government organisations. In the event of a claim, if the company were to go into liquidation, the Directors and Officers may not have the personal assets to cover the resulting liabilities and enormous defence costs, hence the need for a Directors' and Officers' Insurance policy.

Our Directors’ and Officers’ Insurance Policy has an excess of £0. Please note, this cover is only available to you if your company has been trading for two years or more.

For more information on our Directors' and Officers' Insurance policy, please click here to read the Policy Wording.

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Please be aware that Directors' and Officers' Insurance can only be purchased in conjunction with Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Depending on your circumstances, this cover may not be available when applying online. If you would like to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling 0207 621 3747.